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Old text[edit]

Preserved as written for wiki historical purposes.

Commissaire Ramel was a French passenger ship. Loaded with general cargo and wool, it left Fremantle, Western Australia between 1 and 3 September 1939. It was sunk 9 September 1940 by the German raider Atlantis. Three men died in fires.
Bruce Logan, a survivor of the Ramel, noted there was a German sailor on board the Free-French ship Ramel who had helped to guide the Atlantis to the Ramel. The German had torches and lights to signal to the Atlantis in the night. He was gone well before the first shells hit the Ramel.
This is what Bruce Logan said about when he boarded the Commissaire Ramel:
"...I remember hearing a piano so I eventually found the man playing the piano, he faced me, he said are you the new one on the ship? He said get off now, get off, this ship will not reach England, I’m telling you now it will never reach London, take off now, obviously I didn’t take his advise...”
I'm not sure if the man on the piano was the German or someone else.
Anyway, the survivors were loaded onto Durmitor, and some died in hard, hot conditions 08:18, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC)