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Did You Know
A fact from this article appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page in the "Did you know?" column on April 4, 2010.
The text of the entry was: Did you know ... that Gordonstoun School (pictured) is a Scottish boarding school famed for educating three generations of the British Royal Family, including the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles?

"Full" boarding school[edit]

We say this is one of the "last remaining full boarding schools". What does this mean? If the source says this then it does so behind the paywalled section, but I know for sure there are numerous schools that take boarders in the UK, from Eton, Rugby, Stowe etc right through to small schools such as the Royal School for the Blind and (I think) the Mary Hare school for the deaf. There are also places such as Myerscough College. "Last remaining" is pretty pointless unless "full" has a specific meaning different from (broadly speaking) some pupils staying onsite during term time. - Sitush (talk) 16:51, 28 March 2023 (UTC)[reply]

Had a think about this & have removed the claim pending verification & explanation. There are dozens, perhaps many hundreds, of boarding schools still operational in the UK - at best, the claim was puffery and at worst it was plain wrong. - Sitush (talk) 21:35, 28 March 2023 (UTC)[reply]


Under 'controversies' the article reads:

"In 2020, the school carried out renovations which included work on principal Lisa Kerr's living quarters. An unnamed source claimed that the renovations cost approximately £100,000 and included £8,000 for carpets and £6,000 for flooring. Speaking to the Times, the school confirmed that Kerr "contributed significantly" to the costs and that the renovations had "become urgent in order to reconfigure classrooms and increase cleaning regimes to comply with Covid regulations".

It's not obvious why this is a controversy. I suggest taking it out this section or underline why renovations are a problem. Anna (talk) 23:16, 8 May 2023 (UTC)[reply]