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Welcome to the Phonetics Task Force! This task force is a part of WikiProject Linguistics, and aims to make sure the phonetics and phonology related topics on Wikipedia are covered completely and consistently.



The main page for this project is list of phonetics topics. Please add phonetics topics to this page. Also, you can have a look at our internal list of language phonologies.


The main projects for this WikiProject:

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  • {{WikiProject Linguistics|phonetics=yes}} – for use on the talk pages of articles relating to this task force
  • Navigation templates:
  • Audio templates:
    • {{Listen}} – A template for linking to sound files in Commons; includes a clear help link and is best suited as a standalone template outside of text. Very good for linking to longer sentences or reading of texts.
    • {{Audio}} – A second audio template that; much more compact and better suited for smaller sound samples and links that are enclosed in text. Appropriate for tables and for linking to shorter sound files like the pronunciation of individual phones or shorter words and phrases.
  • Stub tagging: {{phonetics-stub}} / Category:phonetics stubs
  • {{respell}} – secondary phonemic English transcription for readers unfamiliar with the IPA
  • All the IPA templates:

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